Greenwood Customer Car, Chassis #010
by Jim Mancuso

I replied to a small ad in the old weekly paper prior to Autoweek magazine. The ad was put in there by John Greenwood. I went out to Detroit to meet with him and got a tour of the facility. We talked about the kind of car I wanted, specifically I wanted him to build me a T/A car to Trans Am specs, which meant that it had to have the stock suspension and could not have the large (widebody) rear.

We decided that it was going to be a small block, and that Traco engineering would build the motors. What I got was a Greenwood-built car, with the full Greenwood frame, square tube door bars, correct notched adjustable trailing arms, correct 22 gallon fuel cell, and locked rear end and cooler. It came with the two spare pumpkins and the HD half shafts. The brakes are Hurst Airheart and the shocks are one off double adjustable Konis.

The interior of the car has the split two piece cowl, with the three piece floor , with the one piece battery box. I picked it up in Detroit in white, with no plumbing, wiring, wheels, engine or transmission. The car was finished in Rochester N.Y. We tried to dial the car in at a SCCA race at Nelson Ledges, and get the car in B/P. What a joke, we settled by putting the car in ASP just to dial it in. Hell it was faster than A/P cars.

We then took it to the 6 hr race at Watkins Glen, where John finished the final adjustments. We finished 4th in category 2.

1977 chassis #010 # 45 & # 15 # 1 & # 5 # 5
J. Mancuso S. Mancuso M. Sepe
1977 - __ __ -2004 '04 - present