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1968 Coupe
1970 Convert.
# 177 # 50
# 18 # 22
# 48
# 66
# 99

John Greenwood had started his road racing career only a few years before the BFG Lifesaver Radial cars were conceived. Many of his formative experiences have been documented in many magazines.

His first regional SCCA efforts took place in 1969; early in 1970 he won his first production class race at Road Atlanta. By the end of the year, at Daytona, he had clinched the A Production class.

In 1971 the first half of the year was not as colorful and ended with a mid-season crash which demolished the #18 t-top car. The car was rebuilt as a roadster and raced as #48. Greenwood went on to win the SCCA 1971 A-Production championship again. At the season finale in Daytona, Greenwood introduced the "Stars and Stripes" paint scheme for the first time.