So far we've been able to locate only two vintage items originally available from the Greenwoods. These consisted of a T-shirt and an embroidered cap.

These two items were actually offered by Ginny Greenwood (sister of John and Burt) as promotional items. Ginny was office manager for her brothers' business for quite some time, and produced these items as a sideline.

The T-shirts were white with a three-color representation of the Greenwood logo and a G-383 on the back and a Greenwood pocket logo on the front.

The baseball caps were available in white or black and had the Greenwood and "The American Response" logos embroidered on them.


There was a short run of a few clothing items offered for sale including caps, golf shirts and T-Shirts.

The caps came in two styles, the typical mesh-backed type and an all-cloth (denim-like) material. Both were adjustable, once-size-fits-all and both had embroidered "Greenwood Corvettes, The American Response" in yellow, orange and red.

The golf shirt was available with or without a pocket and in a variety of colors including Navy Blue, Maroon, Olive and Beige. The same logo as on the caps was embroidered in the pocket area, again in yellow, orange and red. These shirts came in just about any size, from small through XXL.

The T-shirt was white with a photo of Tim and Joe's G5. The Tees came in most popular sizes.

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